Cat Tongue Picks

28 04 2009

Over the course of playing guitar I have gone through many picks and pick styles.  I played a lot of electric in high school and played heavier stuff like Chevelle, Bush, and Nirvana.  I used thick picks… REALLY thick picks.  When I started played acoustic and actually stuck with the heavy picks for some reason. Subborn to try something different I suppose.  I have been playing with lighter (.53) picks for the past few years and have really loved the feel of it so much more than thick, heavy picks.  I was at our local music store a month or so ago looking through the pick selection when a guy there pulled out these picks with some grip to them.  One of them had a sandpaper texture to them while the second one really felt like a cat’s tongue.  You know how when you grab a cat’s tongue… wait… you’ve never done that have you?  Well neither have I… yeah… Anyways, I bought a couple of each and now can’t play without the grip.  Cool Picks “Cat Tongue” Nylon Picks are awesome.  They have tiny bumps for grip.  It honestly takes a little getting used to, but I love it now.  I went back this week and bought a bunch.  When I try to play with a regular pick I feel like it’s about to slip out of my fingers.  I highly recommend them.  Check out your local music store or an online store.




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