SR: 04.26.09

27 04 2009

Our set for Sunday was as follows:


– Welcome
Because of Your Love [G] (Paul Baloche)
Your Grace is Enough [G] (Tomlin)
Here I am to Worship [D] – Through the bridge… then to Wonderful Cross
The Wonderful Cross [D] (Tomlin) – “Love so amazing…” then chorus
Here I am to Worship [D] – Chorus Only, Acoustic
– Message
– Invitation

Amazinge Love [D]
Because of Your Love (chorus)


I’ve been trying to get much more prepared… emphasis on the PRE.  I’m a big procrastinator and so often times I am throwing a setlist together because a secretary needs to have the titles to print in the bulletin.  I actually pretty much had this Sunday’s set mapped out LAST Sunday afternoon… which is a big deal for me.  So that is my goal is to have things pretty well planned a week, or more, in advance.  Will that happen every single week?  Unlikely.  But, if I make that my goal, I feel that more often than not I will at least have it on my mind to get it mapped out in my head, if not on paper or “paper”(meaning Word).  This Sunday went decently well for having introduced a new song and some people having to learn it an hour or so before we played it.  Like I said last week, I’m really wanting practice to be emphasized in the future.  That just didn’t happen last week.  I feel that we are moving in the right direction picking “new” songs.  Because of Your Love is a “new” song to our band.  I had never heard of it till I was going through some different resources and came across it on iTunes.  I did notice it’s 3 years old though so I was a little concerned that people would hear it and say “what in the world is this guy thinking?  This is so 2006.”  OK, maybe not exactly that.  But I did have one person come and say “Man, I haven’t heard that in forever.”  Hopefully that was a positive.  The rest of the set were songs that we had done before.  We did do a different thing on Here I am to Worship of going from “I’ll never know how much it cost…” into The Wonderful Cross “Love so amazing…” then the chorus, then back into Here I am to Worship.  I liked the flow and had some positive comments following the service.




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