Canon HV30 Initial Review

22 04 2009

I had been in need of a second, more portable camcorder at the church for a while now.  For those times that you just don’t want to pull out our big Canon XL2.  I have had my eye on this camcorder for a while now, even for personal use.  Canon HV30It has gotten a lot of great reviews from the casual and professional users.  I had looked into the debate of tape vs. hard drive and for me, I just record way too much random things to use an HDD camera.  I really liked that the HV30 was a Mini-DV driven device so that I can take the tape out and put it on the shelf until I need to capture later.  Plus the fact that there are still some problems with the AVCHD format with many editing programs.  Final Cut Pro in peticular, which is my main editing program.  That alone decided my tape vs. HDD dilimma.  The HV40 is coming out sometime soon (Amazon keeps shifting the release date) and so Amazon had the HV30 for much less.  $999.99 List Price, but on sale for $599.  So far it has been a HUGE help and energy saver as far as just being able to put it in a backpack and go to a location.  As far as a comparison between the HV30 and the XL2, I have only shot one video using both.  The only noticible difference was in the coloring, but I believe that I didn’t have the initial settings matched up.  Nothing some post color correcting can’t fix.  I will report in the future my thoughts on the two working together but don’t foresee any major quality issues.  I also have not shot much in HD mainly due to some computing restraints and the fact that we do not use much in the way of HD, but we now have our first HD camera for when it is needed.  Another major feature is the Mic Input.  This is huge for the videos I shoot.  I plan to get a wireless mic setup this year and that just drives the stock up on this camera even more.  Quality audio is a must.  I will return with a more detailed review after a while of use.

Bottom line: I really like the size and features of the HV30.  The price was just right and I have had great experience with Canon products.  Stay tuned for more…




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