SR: 4.19.09

20 04 2009

I have decided to give this a shot.  I got the idea from the guys over at Worship Ministry Catalyst.  They post a “Weekend Review” listing their order of service and some notes about the sets.  It has been really helpful for me to see what others are doing and to discover new songs and ways to go about putting together a service.  I highly recommend it.  Plus they post a podcast discussing various topics related to worship ministry and music in general.


This past Sunday we did a pretty standard set.  Welcome, 3 Songs, Message, Invitation, Closing Song.  We had our standard band: Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Drums, Piano.  And then we had 3 praise singers.


– Welcome
Not to Us [A] (Tomlin)
Holy is the Lord [A]
Jesus Paid it All [B] (Kristian Stanfill)
– Message
– Invitation
Oh Lead Me [D] (Delirious)
– Announcements
Holy is the Lord (chorus)


I felt that we as a band sounded pretty strong.  Of course these songs are pretty well known as we have done them countless times.  My desire is for us to learn new songs and really put more energy into each set.  I believe we have done OK up to this point, but now we really needed to kick it up a few notches.  There is TONS of room for improvement, and I have faith that we will get there.  Practice is a huge factor in this.  Sunday nights are the most convenient nights for everyone to practice but we struggle to get the whole band in for a practice.  I know that this is partially due to the fact that we have not been able to have practice on a consistant basis due to Sunday evening programs or holidays and so people begin to schedule things in its place.  This will be my main focus is getting us on a steady practice rotation.  I know that it can be a pain some days, but will pay off in the end.  We can’t move up to that next level without it.  I have much more to talk about as far as the direction I desire for us musically, but will save that for next week (hopefully).




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