iPhone: Flight Control

16 04 2009

I’m one of those people who checks to see what new applications are out a little too often.  I have quite a few pages of them on my phone, mainly free ones.  Doesn’t hurt!  Well my current favorite game is called Flight Control.  A simple, yet addicting little game.  I love iPhone/Touch games that really embrace the purpose of having a touchscreen device.  You are a “flight controller” with your job being to successfully direct the jets/planes/helicopters to their proper landing area without crashing them into each other.  It starts off simple enough but even its calm elevator style music can’t keep you from stressing out as jumbo jets come in at faster speeds as you try to keep the helicopters from getting trampled as they putter to their helipad.  73 is my best.   This is the only map but I would like to think they would eventually offer a few other layouts.  Would be a very simple and welcome addition.

Check it out for yourself.  Flight Control.

Fight Control Gameplay

Fight Control Gameplay




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