15 11 2005

So yeah, funny story.  Remember the little… eh, hurricane that blew through here the other week?  Caused alot of damage including a few trees falling around my parents house.  One in peticular hit one of their AC units BARELY missing the house and bumping another AC unit some.  Here’s a little visual aid…

So, that’s substantial damage.  My parents, and anyone else figures, well, that’s not working anymore.  So they call a repairman to come out and just look at it.  He asks if it still works… my parents think, “well… we haven’t actually tried it…”  Sssoooo… they go in and turn it on…  THE THING STILL WORKS!!!??  Like, fine…  I just found out about this the other day, so, I’m a little out of the loop.  haha, but anyways, it works, somehow.  My dad plans on replacing it after the new year anyways just because it’s pretty old.  But anyways, thought that was pretty darn amazing.

In other news, I bought the first season of Lost.  It’s a little addicting.  I bought it Saturday I think, Maybe Friday.  Anyways, I’ve already gone through just about 3 discs (4 episodes a disc).  It’s very interesting.  I’ve seen various episodes from the first season but I have a little thing called Great Escape that happens to interfere with me watching it, haha.  But, I’ve kept up this season so far (Thank you iTunes).  Anyways, I highly recommend it.  Well, I’d better get to bed.




3 responses

15 11 2005

I’m glad you finally joined the dark side and started watching it!
Now if only I could find a way to draw you into Stargate…..but that might take a miracle….I think I have one around here somewhere…

15 11 2005

yes, feel the lost

16 11 2005

They don’t build’em like that anymore!

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