15 06 2005

So when is the last time you counted to, oh say, 550?  I mean, actually counted for that long.  I did, last night, trying to figure out different ways to fall asleep.  I’m terrible at being able to fall asleep, takes me FOREVER, mainly because my mind is always going, just always thinking about stuff.  I’ve looked up stuff on insomnia and I do have some symptoms, not that that really matters.  So anyways, yyyyeah, fun fun.

On a MUCH nicer note… I’m typing on my new computer… heh heh.  It’s very cool.  Going to enjoy it alot… 




5 responses

15 06 2005

it IS a very cool computer….he can make his monitor go vertical….

15 06 2005

no way! that’s gotta be a pretty cool computer. I’m gonna have to come up and see it.
…and I’m going to get you some of those kidney beans, or whatever they are that my grandma uses to fall asleep.

15 06 2005

im gonna get you some ny quil, off brand of course, cherry flavor. mmmm so good for insomnia

15 06 2005

Thanks Rob but, been there, tried that…  Tried all kinds of things… 
Yeah, never did try the kidney bean remedy… still don’t understand how that works….

16 06 2005

Hmmmm…Insomnia.  Been there, still there, probably gonna be there for a while.  Try a bottle of Jack, you’ll be amazed at how fast it works…not that I’d know… 
Note: Just kidding about the nightcap.

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