16 04 2005

Woo hoooooo….  Saturday…  was alot of fun.  Went offroading in Gilmer Texas at Barnwell Mountain.  Been there a few other times, but hadn’t been in about a year… so it was about time.  It was great.  Really tired though.  A friend of mine, Marshall Woods, drove up there with me in his Pathfinder.  Spent about 8hrs out there just driving all over the trails with a club that I’m a member of (mentioned in my previous post, the Xterra/Nissan ones).  Didn’t break anything which is always nice.  Wish I had some newer tires, but oh well, those will come soon.  Scratched the paint up a little on an incident where I had to squeeeeze down a trail.

But yeah, overall just a great time getting outdoors and enjoying the nice weather that we had.  Was a little hot at times, pretty sure I’ll be red tomorrow, but hey, it’s worth it.  So anyways, here are a few cool pictures of who we were with and where we were at… plus, if you’re really THAT intrigued, here’s the link to my entire album from today (over 200 pictures!!)  http://www.frontlet.com/Xterra/05/barnwell4-16/index.html





6 responses

17 04 2005

Sounds like it was a blast. Heck it looks like it was a blast.

17 04 2005

one word……..wicked

17 04 2005

ouch for the xterra, but looks like soo much fun!

17 04 2005

at least you actually do more than pop curbs with your SUV.  congrats on that

18 04 2005

I’m glad your car didn’t fall into the deep ditch even though you would have been able to get out of it.
If my car fell into the deep ditch I don’t think it would be coming back out anytime soon.

21 04 2005

hey…i’m from gilmer…it’s neat to see that other people actually go there for something…hehe…and i love your xterra

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