6 03 2005

Like my Semi-Transformer theme?   Yeah, I like transformers.  I really am an Autobot fan myself,

so don’t let my new profile pic throw you.   I found this one at Wal-Mart, it’s actually 5 that make one, but anyways, it looked cool, but it is a Decepticon…  anyways, things are getting better with my grampa.  He’s saying he thinks he’s going home tomorrow… heh, only thing he hasn’t talked to any doctors yet, but oh well.  He’s got alot of his strength back.  Thanks again for praying.




2 responses

7 03 2005

HAHA!!!! Transformer! yeah… they have a special place in my heart as well! Love you brotha’

7 03 2005

This afternoon I saw Megatron plotting with Bruticus to take over 431A.  You better either disassemble them or find some Autobots fast cause I don’t think we stand a chance against Megatrons microwave blaster

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