7 12 2004

I am a horrible student.  Didn’t finish a pretty big project, soooo… yeah.  I do this every year.  I have something to do at the end of the year and I just end up not doing.  Once again, I’m terrible.  I just want this semester to be over.  I’ll be done next Thursday around 11:30am… and as others have said, life goes on even when the semester ends…  I’m just afraid of my grades… I HAVE to get at least a ‘C’ in COM 101 or I’m screwed… again.  This is the second time I’m taking it and it’s a pre-req to everything else I need to take for Radio/TV.  I’m tired of school.  I’m pretty smart, just not in a classroom setting.  I know how to do alot of things and am good at them, it’s just a matter of getting some kind of job doing the things that I really enjoy doing.  Such as music, website stuff, computer things, sound tech stuff, etc.  But I have to get some kind of degree or somehow get some kind of really good deal.  I really really want to finish college and definitely am going to… just wish it wasn’t so hard.  We’ll see what happens next semester. 

In other news, Slowly moving stuff back to my parents for now till some other place opens up.  I plan on being fully out by the 16th.  I really just have my bed, dresser and computer/desk left in my room.  Theeeennnn my couch, my entertainment center, my tv, my AV equipment…. haha. I have alot stuff left actually.  Just not really wanting to move it all at once.  Anyways, It’ll be nice to get out of that neighborhood.  Left the house a while ago to find that someone (I’m assuming some of the neighborhood kids) had turned on the water faucet out front… not really sure how long it had been on, but the yard was well soaked. 

Last GE of the semester tomorrow night.  Mainly Christmas stuff.  It’s always a little stressful trying to figure the songs out and do them in a not so “hymny” way.  This week has just been crazy… stress level has been extremely high, resulting in excessive teeth-grinding, shortness of breath, and soreness.  I sound like I’m falling apart, well, yeah, it gets that way at the end.  But, again… COME ON CHRISTMAS!!!




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7 12 2004

You need to be destressified.  We’re going to have to get a mouth brace for you aren’t we?  Lock you’re jaw in place except for during meals.  Didn’t the dentist ever tell you that your teeth are your friend?  They show Mr Brush and Mr. Toothpaste and Miss Floss and how they all work together to provide good health for your pals the teeth squad.
Errr..those people didn’t come to your school?

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